Sunday, July 5, 2020

Construction Update - July 2020

The construction project continues to progress through the heat. Major projects within the scope of the work continue to be on target. The most recent schedule was shared with me on June 15 and highlighted the following:
  • Multi-purpose building
    • Stucco will be applied throughout the month of July
    • The interior finish is anticipated to be complete by mid-July
    • Kitchen appliances to be installed during the last half of July
    • Installation of combo box in mid-July (large unit that houses both a walk-in freezer and refrigerator that will be attached to multi-purpose building)
    • In late July, early August, the utilities will be tied into existing electrical panel
Multi-purpose building layout

Along with the new buildings, our fire suppression system had to be upgraded and a lot of it is new. Here is what's in store regarding water storage and fire suppression:
  • Foundation work for new pump house and water tanks in early July
  • Build the pump house with completion expected around the first week of August
  • Install water tanks at the end of July
Another large portion of the work includes the pouring of new sidewalks around the new classrooms and new multi-purpose building. Additionally, the sidewalks around the office building (what many refer to as the "main building) were not ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) and had to be updated. All the concrete work will take place during the month of July. 

One of the final jobs to be done will be the fencing. That is scheduled for mid-August. I will be sharing another construction update at the beginning of August to see if that is still on course. 

While the above highlights the major work to be done in July, so much has been done up to now that cannot be seen from the road. The obvious changes, new buildings, are exciting and easy to see. Yet a large part of this project includes a new septic system and leech field. 

All of this work has had impacts across the entire campus, specifically our beautiful lawn, both in the front and the field in which so many games and activities take place. Rest assured that it will all return, but with time. I was hoping we could continue to water the front lawn near Wyo, but all the utilities had to be shut off in order for the work to proceed. 

Although not part of the construction project, the main building will see some significant changes as well. Grades K, 1, and 2 will be housed in the main building. All classrooms floors in this building have been updated with epoxy flooring. First and second grade classrooms will remain the same while kindergarten will be moved into the third grade classroom. We are re-designing the "old cafeteria" into the main office entrance, staff work stations, and a small work area for students. The kitchen will become my office. Lastly, the current office will become a conference room. 

The Learning Center/8th grade classroom will become a staff room. The remaining classrooms will house grades 3, 4, 5, in consecutive order. And as shared in a previous post, we anticipate adding sinks to the classrooms for grades 3 and 5. 

We have spent so many years planning and preparing for this project, it seems a bit surreal to finally see the construction project in real time. If you haven't driven by the school in awhile, I encourage you to take a family drive one day. Exciting things are happening at Lake Elementary!